Welcome to Hand Therapy of Rockland, OT, LLP

We are the FIRST center in Rockland County dedicated to the treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality rehabilitation to restore your function, mobility, confidence and independence.

At your first appointment, we will create an individual rehabilitation program to fit your needs. During treatment, progress is continually communicated to your physician through verbal and written reports. This interactive approach allows us to provide you with the best overall care possible.

Conditions we treat:

Fractures of the upper extremities   |   Tendon injuries   |   Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Peripheral nerve injuries   |   Traumatic injuries   |   Sports Injuries

Work-related injuries   |   Arthritis   |   Congenital abnormalities

Upper extremity Lymphedema   |   Pediatric conditions

You need OUR hands on YOURS.


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